Monday, June 28, 2010

Wax Burns....

Fuck...I can just see these babies casting a warm glow around my apartment this winter...
Love Love Love

My warm heart...fading...abyss...growing

More shitte i cant afford...why why!!!!!
well actually ive been aware of the obscenely gifted Julia DeVille for some time however her astounding collection seems to be calling my name more now than ever before....
here is her website:
i dare u to go on there and not want every single piece in her collection...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What have i been doing....?

Apart from being stupidly busy at work...i recently went on a trip to Europe...
I was fortunate enough to be hooked up by my wonderful friend Matt to go to the Download Festival @ Castle Donnington and the Metal Hammer Golden Gods @ the O2 in London...
needless to say it was one of the craziest adventures yet!!
Favourites at Download were: AC/DC, Cancer Bats, Taking Dawn, Steel Panther, Deftones, Motorhead, Rage Against the Machine, Airbourne, Cinderella, Rise to Remain, The Blackout, Slash, Stonesour and Aerosmith.
Met so many Amaaaaaazing people!!!
Horns were up!
Oh btw
Pics courtesy of Mr Matt Mash and the talented Miss Charli
check out her blog at

Vomit Inducing

ohhhhhh noooo!!
i tried this AMAZING jacket on and didnt buy it...what is wrong with me???
well apart from it being quite $$ i currently have no cash due to boreoff things like bills and the fact that i need a raise
i want this jacket sooo much i wanna vomit...
maybe i can save before it sells out...
doubtful but a girl can dream...