Monday, November 23, 2009

Bogans for Free!!!

Sooo, the Melbourne Arts Centre has put on an AMAZING AC/DC Australia's Family Jewels memorabilia collection, it is absolutely choc full of goodness and has a mega section of all things u can probably guess i have been a few times already!!
I love all the original costumes and letters, Angus and Bon were soo teeny tiny and what makes me weak at the knees is they have Bons actual leather jacket encased in glass shrine....the jacket is beautiful and i dont think ive ever wanted to try anything on so much in my life....the thing would actually fit me!!! anyway i must sigh and just make myself content by going back and staring at it longingly thru the glass.......
dont miss it its a sight to behold and whats even better the whole thing is FREE!!!
AC/DC Australia's Family Jewels running from 7th Nov 2009 till 28th Feb 2010


Ps i have more photos but blogger is chucking a hissy and not allowing me to upload them...will have a go later...x

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